Group Etiquette

  • Be Helpful
    • We were all new to 3D printing at one point. Yes we have seen the same question a million times, but a quick link to the answer is way more helpful than getting trolled for 30 minutes. Be helpful or scroll past.
  • Company & Product Reviews
    • These posts are great and help the community know what and what not to buy. Please see our advertising section below.
    • These posts have to remain on topic of the particular company or product being reviewed in the original post.
    • If you have an issue with a company contact the company to resolve those issues. Only if they have legitimately failed to meet their promised warranties and/or support terms is posting such things allowed.
  • Use the Search Function
    • The chances are that if you just got your printer and have a question, that question has already been answered. The search field is in the left sidebar. If you can’t find an answer please don’t hesitate to ask by posting the question.

Allowed Topics

  • Anything relevant to the group itself
  • Anything regarding the the 3D printer(s) in the title of the group is fair game. We allow criticism, positive feedback, mods, prints, etc.
  • Off-topic 3D printer threads as long as they are related to or in reference of the 3D printer(s) in the title of the group.


What falls under “Advertising”?

  • Products you or the company you work for sells
  • Giveaways
  • Group Buys
  • Affiliate links
  • Kickstarters
  • Non C3D Facebook Groups
  • YouTube Channels
  • Sales
  • Self-Promotion

Advertising Rules

  • If you are posting (comments or posts) affiliate links, links to products you sell, or links to products for a company you work for these must be approved by a moderator. Approval lasts for the remainder of the month and you must check in with a moderator at the end of the month to renew your approval.
  • If you have approval your general help posts/comments must be 80% minimum in relation to your advertising posts. This is done to make sure people are not just using the group to sell products or generate affiliate cash and are being helpful members of the community.
    • Example: 8 helpful posts/comments for every 2 links that are advertising
  • Posting links to your YouTube channel for the sole purpose of getting subscribers is not permitted.
  • Any looking to sell posts must be pre-approved by a moderator.
    • Including bulk and single items.
  • You must disclose affiliate links and/or affiliation with the company link you are posting a link for.

Unacceptable Actions

  • Any post with malicious intent towards another member or company.
  • Comments or posts that are negative just for the sake of creating drama or arguments
  • Racism, Sexism, Slander will not be tolerated.
  • Zero Tolerance on Piracy & Illegal topics
  • Blocking an Admin/Moderator
  • Publicly discussing the reason someone was banned.
  • If you have an issue with the reasoning behind your/someone else’s speak with an Admin/Moderator to find out why.
  • Nudity of any kind. As well as ANY NSFW posts
    • Including all 3D printed statues, busts, anime characters, sculptures, pictures, videos, etc.


  • This is a 3D printing group, and not a place to push your political agenda.

Questionable Topics

  • Weapons, Guns, Knives, Brass Knuckles, Etc…

These posts are okay in the group as long as they are just a show and tell post. Any post with a weapon with any intent to kill or cause harm will immediately be removed with further implications.

Before downloading any weapon STL files or printing any type of weapon please check with your local laws regarding possession of weapons.

“Illegal Prints”

The reality is laws are different around the world, and this group is not here to police whether a specific print is legal or not. Questionable items such as Gun parts and Drug paraphernalia are legal or not depending on location. Refrain from asking if it is legal to print something, and do your research. If you ask if something is legal, and a mod catches it we are sleeping your comment or thread.

Drugs or drug paraphernalia. Including but not limited to pills, marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc. Different drugs are legal different places. A post including anything drug related must be 3D printing related to even be considered to be allowed.

We have the right to remove any content from the groups without reason. We run these groups because we want to help people out. Please be respectful of our rules and we hope you enjoy your time in our groups.

Current List of Approved Companies/Individuals to post Ad Materials

  • Nikko Industries, Nikko Suzara Mendoza
  • The Edge of Tech, Jim Edgeworth
  • Teaching Tech, Michael Laws
  • LuBan, Lujie Chen
  • Tiny Machines 3D , Chris Bennett
  • TH3D Studio,  Tim Hoogland
  • Vision Miner, Rob Lent

Last Updated 12/1/2019